The Work Itself - Aligning for Execution
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Breakthrough Management Skills
Unprecedented national and global demands combine to form a volatile environment for which previous training and experience leaves executives largely unprepared, our courses equip managers and leaders with the skills necessary to overcome these demands.
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The Work Itself – Aligning for Execution

A facilitated work session that helps work teams align their individual and team activities with the company’s strategies.

You Will Learn

  • Needs, obstacles, culture, and expectations
  • Clarify and articulate strategies
  • Align individuals and teams to those strategies
  • Provide systematic follow-up and accountability processes to ensure that critical work tasks are being carried out

Course Highlights

1. Determine & articulate organisational strategies and goals
2. Isolate, prioritise & commit to the most critical tasks to drive those strategies
3. Commit to a work plan to execute on critical work tasks
4. Ensure accountability & follow-up with the team & team leader

Recommended Duration

1 to 3 days

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