Real Leadership Programme
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Fundamentally, this programme is about increasing the capability of executives to successfully mobilise people and resources so that big challenges can be productively faced and goals accomplished with increased effectiveness, commitment and speed.
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- Real Leadership Programme
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Real Leadership Programme

Through Real Leadership you will gain valuable strategies and tools for producing greater results, building your diagnostic capacity to understand the different challenges and powerfully impact the mood and performance of your team.

You Will Learn

  • Employ a more sophisticated diagnostic process to determine the adaptive challenges confronting your team
  • Develop intervention skills to mobilise people to confront problems, build relationsips and create what is needed to produce outstanding results
  • Develop greater insight into predispositions, motivations and blind spots

Course Highlights

1. Work Teams becoming business partners within the Organisation
2. A new framework for Leadership: The Diagnostic work of Real Leadership
3. Intervention, Mobilisation and the Creative Work of Real Leadership

Recommended Duration

5 days

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