The Ascent to Systems Innovation
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Creativity & Innovative Thinking
The two concerns we typically hear about creativity and innovation are that people don’t have enough time to create and innovate, and when they do come up with a new idea, they can’t get it “through the system” so that it can be implemented.
3. Course Information

The Ascent to Systems Innovation

Creating innovation buzz in your organisation and infect it organisation-wide.

You Will Learn

  • Identify the critical components that contribute to making an organisation innovative
  • Audit and analyse organisational supporting and inhibiting systems
  • Adapt and apply best practice in systems innovation back to your organisation
  • Develop a prototype of a strategy implementation plan

Course Highlights

1. Drivers of Innovative Organisations
2. Managing the Gaps in the Innovation Pipeline
3. Jumpstarting the Organisation to Innovation

Recommended Duration

2 Days

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