How to Develop a Service-Driven and Customer Focused Organisation
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Customer Service
Customer values are a combination of tangible products and an intangible service. Customer value is the objective, regardless of the organisation.
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How to Develop a Service-Driven and Customer Focused Organisation

Learn how to develop a five-phase customer service process to focus on creating loyal and valued customers. This is a complete and in-depth consultation and training process which includes design to delivery and measurement of quality customer service delivery.

You Will Learn

  • Develop a customer service process that can be used as a model in upgrading current operation(s) and setting up new operations.
  • Develop an on-going quality measurement process
  • Customise a customer service training programme for in-house use

Course Highlights

Phase 1: Distinguish the elements of service that will enhance or detract from the total experience.
Phase 2: Develop an ongoing quality measurement process.
Phase 3: Design and instill quality service delivery ideas and skills necessary to create the total experience.
Phase 4: Roll-out training on an organisation-wide basis.
Phase 5: Train-the-trainer programmes

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