Finance for Non-Financial Managers
1. Course Categories
Financial & Strategic Management
Our training will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge to a level of competency which will enable you to present with confidence, the financial and strategic rationale to substantiate your own business decisions, and to discuss with maturity, the financial and strategic issues implicit in proposals surfaced by your colleagues and clients.
3. Course Information

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Tools for analysing your business, industry, competitors and projects.

You Will Learn

  • The content and purpose of the Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecast
  • How to interpret financial statements and assess a company’s financial strengths or weaknesses
  • To have a better grasp of the finance function and its jargon
  • How to make better use of financial information to improve your decision-making

Course Highlights

1. Case Study & Seminar Workshop 1 - How to use financial analytical tools to understand how your business has performed
2. Case Study & Seminar Workshop 2 - How to use strategic and financial tools to assess the industry and how your company has performed against your competitors
3. Case Study & Seminar Workshop 3 - Applying Project Evaluation Techniques to Various Business Situations

Recommended Duration

2 to 3 Days

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