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Integrative’s approach to targetted behavioural coaching is unique in two respects. First, we apply a set of proven coaching principles that result in real changes in behaviour.
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Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

Our Approach - Coaching

Integrative uses a Six-Step Coaching process to encourage sustainability in personal development and positive change in leaders. The outcome is a Leader who cannot believe how much they have achieved:

  • Step 1: Build Partnership
  • Step 2: Situation Analysis
  • Step 3: Confirm Goals & Activities
  • Step 4: Develop Coaching Plan
  • Step 5: Execute to Plan
  • Step 6: Evaluate outcome & Locking in the Learning


  • Our Approach - Mentoring

    Research has shown that Mentoring helps high potential employees learn faster and compete more effectively in our ever-changing business environment. There are Three Phases to developing a successful mentoring programme:
    Phase 1: Understanding the workplace culture and how best to implement the mentoring programme successfully.
    Phase 2: Design & Delivery of a mentor training programme and a mentee orientation programme.
    Phase 3: Institutionalising a mentoring culture.

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