Leading the Silent and Baby Boom Generation Workers
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Work-Life Integration
The objective of Integrative’s Work-Life Integration programme is to develop a practical and flexible work-life balance model that enables an organisation to develop, implement and measure the impact of work-life strategies.
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- Leading the Silent and Baby Boom Generation Workers
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Leading the Silent and Baby Boom Generation Workers

Learn how to manage age-related conflict and discrimination, and build trust at workplace.

You Will Learn

Understanding the Mindset and Knowledge in:

  • Integrating Older Generations with Other Employees
  • Recognising the importance of integrating older generations with others in the workplace
  • Identifying issues in connection with age-related workplace discrimination
  • Applying skills in a business scenario to manage intergenerational work group conflict


  • Course Highlights

    1. Forum Discussion on "Understanding the Generational Characteristics and Contributions"
    2. Discovering and Understanding Yourself – Extended DISC® results
    3. The Art of Productive Conversations: Asking and Listening
    4. Mentoring skills: Promoting discovery and reflection; probing intent and helping mentee review risks and draw their own conclusions

    Recommended Duration

    2 Days

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