How to Facilitate Large Scale Change Successfully
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HR Consulting
The labor market will look more like eBay than Monster or Yahoo HotJobs. And companies will engage in "crowd sourcing."
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How to Facilitate Large Scale Change Successfully

Learn a new facilitation technology which actively engages the entire organisation in the process of designing new systems to meet their most pressing needs.

You Will Learn

  • To formulate objectives that are clear, measurable, and time limited
  • To develop commitments and plans to work together as partners in the change process
  • To experience a large-scale change process while learning how to design such events
  • To learn how to use the Mobius Model® as a practical guide for change management

Course Highlights

1. The Objective for Change
2. Create Shared Vision of Success for Change Agents and Managers
3. Prioritise Their Strategic Directions
4. Developing Partnership and Commitment
5. Form Priority Action Teams for Change Objectives

Recommended Duration

2 Days

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