Integrative Learning Corporation is a leading international consulting & management development group based in Singapore. We offer customised talent development and management solutions to meet of our customers in a broad range of sectors including corporate, MNCs, statutory boards, academics, non-profit and government.

Unlock Your Potential with Integrative Learning Corporation:
Your Trusted One-Stop Learning Partner

We pride ourselves on being the preferred choice for organisations seeking comprehensive and effective learning solutions. With a team of seasoned professionals and a wide range of services, we offer expertise and versatility, catering to diverse industries and sectors, providing tailored solutions to meet specific learning needs.

Our one-stop centre approach streamlines your learning initiatives, ensuring a consistent and efficient experience across multiple programmes. Choosing ILC means gaining access to a wide range of services under one roof, leading to cost savings without compromising on quality. Experience the confidence of working with a dedicated team committed to your organisation’s success and unlock the path to enhanced skillsets, improved performance, and a culture of continuous growth.

Why Integrative

  1. More than 3 Decades of Experience Empowering Leaders and Teams
    We pride ourselves on our decades-long commitment to developing leaders and fostering growth within teams. Our holistic approach to leadership development and talent learning ensures a comprehensive and tailored experience for every client.
  2. Navigating Diverse Landscapes – Private, Government, and Social Sectors
    What sets us apart is our expertise in understanding and contextualising leadership development and talent learning across three diverse landscapes: Private, Government, and Social sectors. We take into account the unique challenges and opportunities that each sector presents, delivering targeted solutions that drive impactful results.
  3. Bridging the Gap Between Visionaries and Practitioners
    We believe in bridging the gap between visionary concepts and practical implementation. Our team comprises of both seasoned thought-leaders and accomplished practitioners who work collaboratively to ensure that leadership development strategies are not only visionary but also actionable and result-oriented.

Our Value Proposition

Our Core Team

Dr Tan Bee Wan

Executive Chairman

Dr. Tan Bee Wan is a multi-talented individual who excels in various fields. She is the Founder of Integrative Learning Corporation (ILC) Singapore and ACE Seniors, where she works towards empowering individuals aged 50 and above. Dr. Tan holds a PHD in social work and has previously served as Executive Director of the Singapore Council of Social Service and Community Chest of Singapore, as well as CEO of Tsao Foundation.

Suriani Siad

Client Advisory Director

Suriani Siad is a highly experienced project manager with more than 15 years of experience in client servicing, marketing, and operations in management consultancy across education, non-profit, public, and private sectors. At Integrative Learning Corporation (ILC) since 2004, she has directed marketing efforts for training and consultancy services in Singapore, Southeast and Northeast Asia.

Marcos Valdes

Project Director

Marcos Valdes is a highly skilled Project Director at Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd and a board member of Aces Care Limited. With a strong background in Computer Science Engineering and expertise in Project Management, Marcos has been instrumental in providing and developing training programs to address the needs of the social sector in Singapore since 2018.

Our Vision

Transforming organisations through leadership and empathy.

Our Mission

We empower our clients to grow; the measure of their success is
shareholder values, and high performing organisations and individuals
are the results.

Our Core Values


Meeting our customers’ needs and adding value to their business is foremost in our minds all the time.


We have a passion for excellence and are committed to delivering our services to exceed our customers’ expectations.


We run Integrative as owners and strive for the highest professional standards in our work.


We take pride in doing what is right. We strive for integrity in all our business and working relationships.