This 2-day Brand Mastery Programme empowers  organisations to leverage branding for effective brand positioning, engaging audiences, and driving powerful brand communications, through in-depth sessions on brand identity, positioning, and equity. 

22 Aug - 23 Aug


About the seminar:  

This 2-day Brand Mastery Program is specifically designed for SSAs’ CEO, Senior Management team, Corporate Affairs, and Outreach staff seeking to harness the power of branding to strategically position their brand, engage audiences effectively, and drive impactful brand communications.  

Created by 2022 World Number 2 Global Brand Guru, Dr. Jerome Joseph, this is a signature programme that he has delivered to CEOs and organisations in 37 countries over the past 26 years. Based on real-life strategies and examples, participants will gain industry knowledge while engaging in a hands-on practical workshop. 

Day 1 focuses on laying the foundation of branding by exploring its core concepts and elements. Participants will discover the essence of their brand identity and learn how to craft a compelling brand story. By Day 2, they will also delve into brand positioning and differentiation strategies to stand out in a crowded NPO market 

This intensive course equips participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to understand your key competitors better, re-position, discover the possibilities with new target audience segments, create new ways to reach out to them and plan for your organisation’s future!  

About the trainer: Dr Jerome Joseph 

He is an award-winning Brand and Customer Experience Strategist and Speaker focused on Brand Strategy, Brand Experience, Internal Branding, Personal Branding, Leadership and Customer Experience. With his past experiences as a CEO and Board Member of a publicly listed brand agency and group, Dr. Jerome brings real-life brand expertise to the stage.  

He is a best-selling author of 9 books on Branding with over 27 years of experience working with over 1000 brands, including Fortune 500 companies, in 37 countries. In 2022 he was recognised as the No. 2 ranked Global Brand Thought Leader in the world.  

Dr Jerome’s powerful combination of real-life consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies, global expertise and proven speaking skills makes him a sought-after speaker and trainer in the market. With his highly infectious personality, fast-paced and interactive style of speaking and storytelling, audiences can expect to be entertained while attaining a wealth of great insights. His keynotes and workshops are simply not to be missed!  


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts and elements of branding. 
  • Define and develop a strong brand identity that resonates with target audiences.  
  • Craft a compelling brand that effectively communicates the essence of your brand to customers and stakeholders.  
  • Position your brand strategically to differentiate it from NPOs providing similar services. 
  • Apply market research and analysis to gain insights and create a unique selling advantage.  
  • Implement effective brand communication strategies to engage and connect with your target audience.  
  • Plan and Implement Brand Marketing & Communication Strategies to across your Channels, Tools and Assets  
  • Build and strengthen brand equity to foster trust, loyalty, and long-term brand success. 


DISCOVER YOUR BRAND DNA Evaluate your brand DNA and define actions you can take to enhance your brand’s performance. 

DEFINE A POWERFULL BRAND STRATEGY Learn how to optimize your  brand’s strategy approach to the market by identifying opportunities and threats to your brand, you will analyse how you can strengthen your brand’s position. You will create an action plan where you will prioritize strategies that can enable the brand performance to be maximized. By the end of this course, you will have clear strategies on how your brand can best capitalize on its position in the market.  

DEVELOP A STRONG BRAND POSITIONING Assess the market to identify opportunities for your brand, determine a strategy to best position the brand, and draft a strategy to achieve the brand’s goals. You will start analyzing the crowded market space by identifying the brand attributes most important to your end users.

DELIVER YOUR BRAND PLAN Brand planning is the process of devising the specific actions needed to enable the brand to attain brand performance goals.  In this course, you will refine your ability to create a brand plan by investigating each step of the process and developing a plan for an existing brand of your choice.  

DRIVE BRAND ACTIVATION AND AMPLICATION You will begin developing your skills in brand activation by identifying and analysing your target market and ways you can amplify your message from  brand activation and execution 


  • CEOs 
  • Board members, senior management teams 
  • Entreprenuers, Corporate, PR, and outreach staff. 
  • Organisations who are looking to rebrand itself 
  • Individuals who want to grow their own brand  


22 Aug – 23 Aug: 9 AM – 5 PM


Fee: S$1,000 (nett fee before funding for eligible participants). 

In order to enjoy the funding, learners need to note and also fulfil the following requirements:

  • Note the funding may change based on regulatory change. Please check with us or SSG.
  • All final funding subject to SSG approval.
  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) of Singapore
  • Attain at least 75% course attendance.
  • Successfully complete assessment and certified as competent.