Celebration Mindset in Times of Abnormality

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Level 3, Cassia Junior Ballroom 3212

30 Jan 2024
9:00 am to 12:30 pm


In these unprecedented times, where challenges abound and uncertainty prevails, it’s our pleasure to present an exclusive opportunity for both corporate and non-profit organisations to join us for a transformative half-day workshop on “Celebration Mindset in Times of Abnormality” led by the renowned Dr. Scott Friedman, a distinguished humorist and Global Speaker Fellow.

Here’s what makes this workshop special:

  • Scott Friedman’s electrifying energy and practical tools: Get ready to be captivated by his stories, laugh your heart out at engaging exercises, and walk away with actionable frameworks to infuse “GPS” into your work.
  • Focus on all staff, not just leadership: This isn’t about top-down mandates; it’s about a collective shift in mindset, starting with a team of five representing Training, HR, and department heads. They’ll return as champions, equipped to guide and inspire others in integrating “GPS” into their daily grind.
  • Tailored approach for Singapore audience: We’ll explore how “GPS” can specifically transform your customers and staff interactions, leading to tangible results across the organisation.
  • Invest in a team of five and reap benefits for all: By sending a cross-functional team, you’ll unlock the power of “GPS” from multiple angles, ensuring seamless integration and maximising its impact.

This isn’t your typical leadership or management training. It’s an inspirational and practical experience 4-hour designed to equip all staff with a powerful framework called GPS – Gratitude, Play, and Surprise. Imagine the impact on our clients, organisation, and indeed, ourselves when we embrace these simple yet transformative principles:

  • Gratitude: Starting with what’s good empowers us to see challenges as opportunities and fuels motivation.
  • Play: Injecting playful energy into our work fosters connection, creativity, and resilience.
  • Surprise: Delightful, unexpected gestures build trust, strengthen relationships, and spark joy.


  1. Gain insights on fostering a celebration mindset amidst uncertainty.
  2. Learn actionable strategies to navigate challenges with positivity and resilience.
  3. Discover the power of humour and celebration as tools for motivation and productivity that you can use in your workplace.
  4. Engage in interactive sessions designed to inspire and uplift participants.


This workshop is ideal for professionals from corporate and non-profit sectors seeking inspiration, fresh perspectives, and practical strategies to thrive in challenging times. You will learn 20 proven and practical tips that you can use to build a celebration mindset with your team and organisations!


30 Jan 2024Day 1: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm


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Scott Friedman

Dr. Scott Friedman is a celebrated authority on the power of celebration in enhancing personal and professional lives. With his unique blend of humour and wisdom, Dr. Friedman has captivated audiences globally, guiding them towards cultivating a celebration mindset, even in the face of adversity. Please listen to our podcast episode with him to discover more!