Developing a Strategic Framework for Building Alliances and Partnerships

Becoming future ready through collaboration

Explore the transformative capacity in forging collaborative alliances and partnerships. This workshop provides the platform for decision-makers to comprehend emerging challenges within the sector and explore innovative solutions through expanded partnerships.

Venue: ILC Training Hub

30 May 2024


In an era marked by unprecedented change, turbulence, and uncertainty, the challenges faced by social service agencies (SSAs) are increasingly complex and multidimensional. The imperative for transformation and collaboration has become undeniable, as it is through collective efforts that sustainable solutions can be forged to address the pressing social issues of our time.


During this 1-day workshop, you will explore the advantages and challenges of collaborations, in the face of emerging threats and opportunities to the social sector as a whole and to your agency in particular. You will review your SSA’s readiness to embrace collaboration at a strategic level and will prepare an action plan to either develop inhouse capacity for partnership development or to onboard priority partners over 2 years and identify challenges you need to address and resources required to actualise the plan.



  • Understanding of collaboration as a viable solution to emerging social sector problems
  • Leadership commitment to elevate collaborations to strategic importance
  • Action Plan to activate priority partnerships for the SSA or develop inhouse capacity to develop partnerships over immediate future

Workshop Objectives:

  • To cultivate the fundamental capacity of SSAs for forging collaborative alliances and partnerships.
  • To empower SSAs to navigate future sector challenges through partnerships.
  • To activate priority partnerships or develop in-house capacity for partnership development.


  1. A brief overview of “risk and vulnerability” in the post-pandemic, virtual and digital worlds
  2. Emerging opportunities and threats to the work of Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in socially conscious and technologically savvy Singapore
  3. Data-based trends and new entrants in social justice in Singapore
  4. Opportunities, benefits and barriers for strategic partnerships within the social sector and within participating SSAs
  5. A framework to building alliances and partnerships for strategic impact
  6. Action plan – what would it take to embrace strategic partnerships into your SSA in the immediate term?


Executive Directors, their deputies, or heads responsible for driving strategy in their agencies.


30 May 20249:00 am to 5:00 pm


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Margaret is a dynamic and innovative consultant who advises, coaches and leads emerging leaders and teams in creating personal, professional and community transformations to make a difference in the world.

Drawing on her 27-year leadership experience in managing people and community development programmes around the world, she offer custom consultancy services to develop people, programmes and organisational effectiveness across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

She have a strong track record in leading multicultural and multi-disciplinary teams across a broad spectrum of international development initiatives. Her particular interest is in enhancing the capacity of people and agencies working in the following areas:

  • enhancing personal and professional leadership and effectiveness of individuals and teams employing mindfulness and complimentary mind-body-spirit approaches
  • managing development collaborations with the public, private and people sectors in Singapore and Asia
  • delivering innovative and impactful capacity building programmes in healthcare, education and community development and
  • building people-to-people collaborations between communities and countries to support healing and peacemaking.