For government agencies, Integrative Learning Corporation (ILC) develops bespoke training solutions focused on real leadership, change management, effective communication, and strategic decision-making. By addressing the unique challenges faced by public servants, our training programs are tailored to enhance their skills and knowledge, enabling them to excel in their roles and serve their communities more efficiently.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses various aspects of government operations, from fostering collaboration between departments to promoting transparency and accountability. With a commitment to excellence, ILC empowers government professionals to navigate the complexities of public service and drive meaningful change.

Our Track Records – Government Sector

These highlighted projects are not only a testament to our extensive portfolio and commitment to driving real change through customised interventions, but also a reflection of our enduring partnerships over more than 30 years.

Core Skills
  1. Land Transport Authority – Since 1998
    • 30,000+ participants
    • 1500+ workshops
  2. Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (5+ years)
    • 5,000+ participants
    • 300+ workshops
  3. Ministry of Education (8+ years)
    • 3,200+ participants
    • 200+ workshops

Inaugural Youth Olympic Games – 2008

  • Leadership Development & Volunteer Management Series
  • 3,000+ participants
  • 99 workshops
Leadership Development Intervention
  1. Joint-Development Programme for Senior Leaders of Polytechnics and ITE (Since 2022)
    5-day “The Art Of Leadership” for the Senior Management Post Secondary Education Institutes (PSEIs) leaders on how to be a creative agent of change in a dynamic and interdependent world who can provide real leadership for breakthrough results
  2. Civil Service College (2018-2020)
    5-day “The Art Of Leadership: Crossing Boundaries, Building Bridges, and Leading Change” for the Senior Management leaders in the public sector that are leading organisational change efforts.
  3. Ministry Of Health – Data Analytics Group
    Leadership for Driving Change programme for the intention of building leadership capacity, addressing adaptive challenges, and aligning people on behalf of strategic imperatives
  4. Ministry Of Manpower
    Leadership for Driving Change on how to be a dynamic agent of change and provide leadership for breakthrough results and public service transformation.