Our Approach

Impact of a result based learning processWe pride ourselves as quality craftsmen and facilitators of life-long learning. We use the Apollo 4E model, a proven approach showing that for effective training, 25% of the learning happens before the training, 25% during the training event, and 50% is the follow-up after the training.

Adults progress best when they are actively involved in their own learning, and our programmes involve exercises, case studies, and small-group discussions that challenge, stimulate and “teach” by leading trainees to effectual solutions. These breakthroughs “a-has” are catalysts for proactive action.

As trainers, we have a responsibility to produce objective results – and we do. We can provide pre- and post-evaluation with our training programme, demonstrating learning that has occurred. Participants will each receive a workbook and certificate of completion. Your training consultant will provide valuable feedback through a summary of participants’ evaluation to help you measure your programme’s success.