Person Centred Care

14 May 2024

Venue: Holiday Inn, 11 Cavenagh Road


Do you want to see transformed care experiences for your clients and happier, more engaged staff?

Person-centred practices are used with people, teams and organisations. By working this way, we can ensure that people are truly listened to and are kept at the heart of all decision-making; how a service is commissioned, provided and organised.

Person-centred practices are used in teams and organisations to ensure that we focus on what matters to the people we support and their families, and pay attention to how to support staff as well.

This 1 day in-house workshop is ideal for healthcare organisations to foster a holistic approach patient-centred quality care for their patients. The workshop will be ideal for all levels of the teams in the organisation to learn the essentials of managing person centred care and how it can be best practiced in your organisation.


  • Deeper understanding of person-centred care principles and their tangible benefits for both clients and staff
  • Practical tools like “one-page profiles” to truly know what matters to each client and tailor support accordingly.
  • The “Support Sequence” framework to creatively explore solutions that achieve clients’ desired outcomes.
  • Matching staff based on interests, unlocking their passions and skills to forge meaningful connections with clients.
  • Strategies to encourage staff to bring their best selves to work, boosting morale and reducing burnout.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with a deep understanding of person-centred care principle, enhanced communication skills, and ‘Support Sequence’ framework for navigating the unique challenges within the sector. The strategies to ensure that participants bring their best selves to work, boosting morale and reducing burnout in their professional roles.


5 elements to deliver person-centred care

Knowing what matters to the person and what good support means to them.

Introduction to one-page profiles for people supported and staff and how to develop them.

Introduction to the ‘Support Sequence’ process. A process that explores creative options to deliver the change the person wants and their outcomes.


Health care workers, Social Services professionals, and HR Professionals


14 May 2014


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Professor Helen Sanderson MBE

Professor Helen Sanderson MBE

Founder & CEO of Wellbeing Teams

Helen Sanderson has led the development of person centred thinking and planning in the UK in social care over the last twenty-five years. She was funded to research the implementation of person centred planning by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and co-authored the Department of Health’s guidance on person centred planning, and has acted as Expert Advisor to the Department of Health on person centred approaches in social care.

In 2011 she authored the Department of Health guidance for ‘Putting People First’ called ‘Personalisation through Person Centred Planning’. She has provided consultancy in Europe, Japan, Australia and America.

In 2023 Helen and her team provided consultancy in relation to introducing person-centred practices into SEN schools to the Ministry of Education in Singapore