Breakthrough in Real Leadership

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In this podcast, Dr. Tan Bee Wan engages in a conversation with Dr. Dean Williams, an esteemed authority on leadership and change, to delve into the concept of real leadership. As the Executive Chairman of Integrative Learning Corporation, Dr. Tan Bee Wan brings a wealth of experience to the discussion, while Dr. Dean Williams, with his background as the President of the Leaders Campus and extensive teaching tenure at Harvard’s Kennedy School for Government, offers valuable insights into the intricacies of real leadership.

The conversation revolves around the significance of genuine leadership in navigating the complexities of contemporary society. Dr. Williams emphasizes that real leadership is not only about exercising authority; rather, it revolves around mobilizing individuals to confront the reality at hand and devising innovative solutions to address challenges. This form of leadership necessitates adaptive work, which entails reshaping values, habits, and priorities to effectively tackle intricate problems.

Dr. Williams underscores that real leadership goes beyond the confines of hierarchy and authority; it should be embraced by individuals at all levels of an organization or community. In a rapidly changing world, traditional leadership models might fall short in addressing novel and unprecedented challenges. As such, cultivating a leadership approach that encourages collaboration, engagement, and creative problem-solving becomes paramount.

A central theme of the discussion is the concept of a “holding environment.” This term refers to a space that fosters creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. Dr. Williams likens it to a container within which the chaos of innovative ideas can be nurtured and refined. This environment provides room for experimentation and learning, even from failures, which are viewed as valuable opportunities for growth.

As Singapore, a small yet dynamic nation, has achieved significant accomplishments, there’s a danger of becoming self-satisfied and resting on past achievements. Dr. Williams emphasizes that curiosity drives critical thinking, which is essential for understanding and addressing complex challenges. Leaders must actively seek out diverse perspectives, engage in rigorous inquiry, and be willing to adapt their thinking based on what they learn.

One of the most engaging aspects of the conversation is the reflection on interactions with the late Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Dr. Williams shares how he observed Lee’s critical thinking, curiosity, and propensity for asking probing questions. Lee’s leadership style was marked by his ability to maintain a stance of continuous learning and adaptability. He understood the value of humility in leadership, recognizing that no one person could have all the answers. This ability to engage with diverse perspectives and remain curious served as a blueprint for generative leadership.

Dr. Williams concludes by outlining some key principles that are crucial for leaders in Singapore and beyond. He emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. Leaders should embrace a mindset that is open to new ideas, willing to question assumptions, and committed to continuous learning. Furthermore, real leadership entails passing the responsibility down the line and engaging in cross-boundary collaboration. By adopting these principles, leaders can foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and adaptive problem-solving that is essential for addressing complex challenges.

In summary, the podcast offers a deep exploration of real leadership in the context of Singapore. Dr. Williams’ insights shed light on the qualities and approaches that are essential for leaders to thrive in a rapidly changing world. From the concept of a holding environment that encourages creativity to the importance of continuous learning and collaboration, the conversation provides valuable guidance for leaders aiming to make a positive impact in their organizations and communities.

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  • Thank you so much Bee Wan & Dean for the excellent & timely conversation on REAL LEADERSHIP. I had the privilege to attend Dean’s training on Real Leadership many years ago when I was the ED of Rainbow Centre. It gave me a different perspective of leadership especially on when and how to adapt my leadership and decision with my team to confront and address presenting issues and needs that had a negative impact and outcome on my students with special needs and caregivers even with the governing agencies.
    Today the social service landscape has evolved with emerging needs, and masterplans and legislations towards a more inclusive and caring nation. Howvever, there is a great need for Real Leadership in the social service sector for impactful and sustainable outcomes for those we serve. I hope that the October seminar will include a segment for social service leaders. We need more leaders who have the courage, ability and knowledge to lead and to adapt with decisions to confront issues not only at their organisational level but contributing to the overall social service landscape with REAL LEADERSHIP.
    Best wishes,
    June Tham

    • Thanks very much June for your feedback and support as always! Fully agree with you breakthrough in the social sector can only be achieved when we look at leadership from inside out!


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