Celebrate in Times of Abnormality

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Welcome to the Breakthrough Podcast hosted by Dr. Tan Bee Wan, the Executive Chairman of Integrative Learning Corporation. In this episode, Dr. Tan is joined by Scott Friedman, a global speaking fellow and motivational humorist with over 20 years of experience. Together, they explore the power of creating a GPS culture in workplaces – one that revolves around gratitude, play, and surprise.

Dr. Tan reminisces about his initial skepticism when Scott introduced humor to the workplace in Asia. However, Scott’s engaging and humorous approach soon won over audiences, leading to increased engagement and positive feedback. Scott has dedicated the last two decades to motivation, humor, and celebration. In the past 10 years, he delved into research on how celebration impacts productivity and performance in the workplace. His focus is on creating authentic workplaces that honor employees and foster a productive culture.

Navigating Transformation During COVID-19

The conversation shifts to the unexpected transformations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Tan discusses the challenges individuals and organizations faced, emphasizing the importance of gratitude in navigating difficult times. Scott shares his personal experience and highlights the role of intention and gratitude in overcoming challenges. Scott opens up about his personal losses and explains how celebrating the best qualities of loved ones can be a way to honor their legacy. The discussion emphasizes living with intention and gratitude as tools for coping with difficult emotions.

From Loss to Motivational Speaking

Scott’s journey into motivational speaking began after the loss of his brother. The desire to make a positive impact and uplift others became a driving force in his life. Living with intention and aligning actions with values became central themes in his work. Scott introduces the concept of a GPS culture – Gratitude, Play, and Surprise. These elements, when incorporated into workplace practices, contribute to a more engaged, positive, and productive environment.

Scott shares examples from his book, “A Celebration a Day,” highlighting organizations like the Royal Plaza on Scotts in Singapore. The hotel’s commitment to surprise and celebrate employees and guests demonstrates the impact of a GPS culture.

Implementing GPS in Social Work

Dr. Tan discusses the potential application of the GPS concept in social work. By focusing on gratitude, play, and surprise, social workers can create a more positive and supportive environment for their clients. Scott emphasizes that creating a GPS culture doesn’t require extensive time or resources. Simple acts of gratitude, playful moments, and unexpected surprises can lead to significant positive shifts in workplace dynamics.

The conversation concludes with an invitation to organizations interested in cultivating a GPS culture to join Scott’s upcoming workshops. The GPS model, with its emphasis on celebration and joy, offers a transformative approach to workplace culture that benefits individuals and organizations alike.

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