Introducing the Breakthrough Podcast

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Dr. Bee Wan, a 68-year-old social worker, social entrepreneur, and businesswoman, is launching a breakthrough podcast in Singapore. She aims to address important social issues and improve human conditions by engaging in fascinating conversations with insightful individuals. Dr. Bee Wan recognizes that podcasts have limited influence in Singapore, with only 16% of the population listening to them, primarily focused on food and entertainment. However, she intends to use podcasts as a platform to introduce breakthrough topics to Singaporeans and encourage their active participation.

She plans to cover various subjects such as real leadership, caregiving, mental wellness, and poverty eradication. Dr. Bee Wan proposes making Singapore a nation of caregivers by providing caregiving classes to all 16-year-olds, enabling people to care for their seniors at home. She suggests exploring the connection between gut health and mental wellness, leveraging Singaporeans’ love for food to address mental health concerns.

Dr. Bee Wan emphasizes the need for breakthrough thinking to tackle complex social issues. She highlights the troubling practice of seniors, aged 60 and above, performing menial tasks such as cleaning toilets and wiping tables for younger individuals. She questions why a developed nation like Singapore, with a high GDP and per capita income, allows this situation to persist. Dr. Bee Wan believes this issue requires innovative solutions and a shift in societal attitudes towards responsibility and compassion.

She shares a story about a 65-year-old cleaner who called a helpline daily to talk about her work, illustrating the loneliness and lack of appreciation experienced by these seniors. Dr. Bee Wan contrasts this with her observations in Tokyo, where younger individuals are energetically serving customers. She urges Singaporeans to consider the consequences of perpetuating such menial work for seniors and the implications it may have for future generations.

In conclusion, Dr. Bee Wan is passionate about driving positive change and invites social service professionals and the wider public to join her in weekly podcast discussions. She hopes to inspire breakthrough thinking, challenge traditional approaches, and create a compassionate and inclusive society in Singapore.

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