Unlock the secrets of integrated care

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Many multinational corporations experience the constant shuffle of mergers, centralization, and decentralization, turning it into a business within the profit world. However, in the social service sector, the focus is on growth, integration, and delivering person-centered and holistic care. In this blog article, we’ll explore the insights shared by J R Karthikeyan, the CEO of AWWA, as we discuss the keys to success in providing integrated care.

AWWA, a remarkable organization, has been delivering integrated services from cradle to grief. The CEO, Karthik, emphasizes the importance of being the best place to be, both personally and professionally. This commitment to meaningful work and societal contribution stems from Karthik’s upbringing, drawing inspiration from parents involved in social service. AWWA’s success is attributed to strategic leadership, a committed team, and a focus on innovation.

From Ground Level to Harvard Alumni

Karthik’s journey with AWWA began on the ground, working in occupational therapy. Over 16 years, his career evolved from an occupational therapist to leading AWWA as CEO. The organization’s growth reflects Karthik’s commitment to applying learned principles strategically. AWWA’s integrated model stands out as it addresses gaps identified through data collection and observation.

The essence of AWWA’s success lies in its commitment to facilitating participation. Karthik emphasizes that the purpose of any service or program should be to enable individuals to participate fully in the community. Whether dealing with children, seniors, or families, AWWA adopts a holistic approach, addressing underlying issues to promote participation. The term “participation” is deliberately chosen to convey the overarching goal of AWWA’s services.

Broadcasting with Intentionality

To instill this mindset across AWWA’s extensive team, Karthik employs intentional communication. Regular broadcasts, emails, and leadership development programs reinforce the organization’s three-piece strategy – purpose, practice, and people. The three-piece strategy ensures holistic care, operational efficiency, and skilled personnel, all focused on promoting client participation.

AWWA’s unique culture of creating shared perception ensures that communication is not limited to the top hierarchy. By involving all levels of the organization, AWWA ensures that everyone understands and aligns with the organization’s purpose and strategies.

AWWA’s success in providing integrated care lies in its unwavering commitment to participation. Karthik’s leadership emphasizes intentional communication, a three-piece strategy, and a shared perception across the organization. This blog has explored the evolution of AWWA, Karthik’s journey, and the key components contributing to the organization’s success. As we navigate the landscape of integrated services, AWWA serves as an inspiring model for fostering a caring and inclusive society.

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