Dashboard for Non-Profit Organisations

Explore how dashboards depict performance trends, fostering clarity and impact through concise one-page reports. Enroll in this workshop to discern essential key metrics, creating personalized dashboards for your organization.

22 & 23 Nov 2023

Effective Crisis Management for Charities

Effective Crisis Management for Charities ANTICIPATE POTENTIAL CRISES AND DEVELOP A CRISIS MANAGEMENT POLICY FOR YOUR CHARITY Discover your organisation’s…
18-19 October 2023

Full Cost Recovery & Fund Accounting for Charities Seminar

Manage crucial practices to ensure accountability and strategic growth. Click to uncover essential insights and explore vital strategies to sustain charities amidst economic turmoil. Elevate transparency, break financial cycles, and empower growth. This seminar will give you the financial knowledge working in the charity sector.

27 & 28 September 2023

Effective Risk Management for Charities

3 & 4 Oct 2023

Budget, Cash Flow, Reserves & Investment for Charities Seminar

From understanding the board and senior management as a charity’s financial stewards, to tips and insights on budgeting and cash flow management for charities, learn how to develop a comprehensive action plan to address accounting gaps in your charity.

10 & 11 Oct 2023

Effective Project and Programme Management Workshop

Master the skills you need to successfully manage projects and programmes on a tight budget & time-constraints. This workshop is ideal for, but not limited to, project managers, programme managers, business analysts, and various stakeholders.

12 & 13 October 2023

Real Leadership Seminar

Real Leadership Seminar HELPING PEOPLE AND ORGANISATIONS FACE THEIR TOUGHEST CHALLENGES Lee Kuan Yew on Dr Dean Williams: “leaders of…
16 & 17 Nov 2023

Effective Minutes Writing

Minutes Writing provides a common language for leaders and employees, enabling teams to align, collaborate and focus on what is most important. Help your people bounce, grow, connect and discover the productivity benefits of flow.

6 October 2023

Leading the Fundraising Charge Seminar

Learn how to adapt, strategize, and drive sustainability in Singapore’s fundraising landscape. From aligning your company with donor values to crafting targeted donor strategies, this seminar is a must-attend for social impact leaders and charitable organizations.

6 & 8 November 2023

Social Leadership Singapore

Learn how to be an effective and dynamic agent of change that can exercise leadership and mobilize people and resources, tackling important social challenges facing local communities and the nation.

Sep to Nov 2023 across 7 days

The Fundraising Masterclass 2023

Advance your knowledge on the latest trends to successful fundraising in our premier, high-demand course. At this Masterclass, you will connect with fellow fundraisers and participate in a vibrant exchange of innovative ideas.