For the charity and social sector, ILC offers customized training courses in leadership & management, governance, fundraising, volunteer management, and community engagement, equipping non-profit organisations with essential tools and expertise to maximize their impact and better serve those in need.

Our training programs are skill intensive, highly experiential and practical, tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the different sectors in social services. By nurturing effective leaders and promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation, ILC empowers non-profit organisations to navigate the complexities of social issues, optimise their resources, and ultimately create lasting and positive change in the communities they serve.

Our Track Records – Social Sector

These highlighted projects are not only a testament to our extensive portfolio and commitment to driving real change through customised interventions, but also a reflection of our enduring partnerships over more than 30 years.

  1. DEVELOPING ORGANISATION CULTURE – Embodying Vision, Mission, and Core Values through a People-Centric Approach
    • 9-month train-coach-embed process and include, three, 2-day training sessions, HR consultancy, group coaching and CEO coaching
    • 14 Clients: All Saints Home, AMKFSC, AWWA, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Dover Park Hospice, HCA Hospice Care, Lakeside Family Services, Muhammadiyah Association, Ren Ci Hospital, SUN-DAC, Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Service, and The Salvation Army-Peacehaven Nursing Home, THKMC – Elderly Services and Home Care Services and YAYASAN MENDAKI
  2. Consultancy
    • Lakeside Family Services – Finance Consultancy & Remuneration and Compensation Study
    • Breast Cancer Foundation – Strategy Review and Planning
    • Singapore Heart Foundation – Strategy Review and Plannin
    • Muhammadiyah Association


Customised and conducted public and in-house programmes for more than 100 SSAs, training over 1,000 leaders and practitioners