Dashboard for Non-Profit Organisations

Explore how dashboards depict performance trends, fostering clarity and impact through concise one-page reports. Enroll in this workshop to discern essential key metrics, creating personalized dashboards for your organization.

22 & 23 Nov 2023

Full Cost Recovery & Fund Accounting for Charities Seminar

Manage crucial practices to ensure accountability and strategic growth. Click to uncover essential insights and explore vital strategies to sustain charities amidst economic turmoil. Elevate transparency, break financial cycles, and empower growth. This seminar will give you the financial knowledge working in the charity sector.

27 & 28 September 2023

Budget, Cash Flow, Reserves & Investment for Charities Seminar

From understanding the board and senior management as a charity’s financial stewards, to tips and insights on budgeting and cash flow management for charities, learn how to develop a comprehensive action plan to address accounting gaps in your charity.

10 & 11 Oct 2023