Executing Strategy in the New Normal: The Work Itself

Align, Execute, Succeed

Empowering executives to drive organizational strategies with focused, actionable plans and personal accountability

26 August 2024


We designed The Work Itself to directly focus on executing work and aligning every executive team member’s work with organisational strategy.  This workshop focuses less on theory and more on practical application.

The Work Itself was designed to drive organisational strategies to get measurable results. The value of The Work Itself arises from the fact that no single individual or group within today’s demanding workplace can possess the wisdom or vision needed to chart strategic action and carry it out successfully. To ensure that plans are sound, accepted, supported, and executed with quality, everyone in an organisation must contribute to the process.  This one-day session encourages individual executives to develop and fulfil the organisation’s strategic plan in a quality manner.

The Work Itself focuses on solving a number of problems. Research results from several studies, including several validating surveys in Asia indicate the following

  1. Only 27% of workers thing their organization’s strategic goals are translated into specific work task they can execute.
  2. Only 13% of workers are extremely satisfied with the results of their daily work.
  3. Only 19% of workers feel a strong level of commitment to their organization’s top priorities.
  4. Only 33% of workers get recognized and rewarded for doing things that support their organization’s goals.



  1. Understand Organizational Strategic Focus: Articulate the strategic goals of an organization and identify how individual roles and tasks contribute to achieving these goals.
  2. Master Personal Work Alignment: Take ownership of aligning their work with organizational strategies.
  3. Identify and Prioritize Critical Work Tasks: Gain skills in distinguishing critical tasks from mundane ones, prioritizing them effectively, and aligning these tasks with the broader team objectives to enhance organizational performance.
  4. Develop and Implement Effective Work Plans: Create actionable work plans that integrate strategic goals, promote accountability, and include mechanisms for ongoing evaluation and adjustment.
  5. Enhance Execution and Accountability in Work Processes: Execute work that directly supports organizational strategies, identify “fake work,” and implement strategies to hold themselves and team members accountable for their contributions.


Each executive will better understand the critical strategic goals of your organization. The most important challenges of an organization is to keep people focused on doing the right work.  This cannot begin without a clear understanding of the organization’s strategies.

Each executive will know the critical work tasks that must be performed to execute their organizational strategies.   People in organizations do fake work all the time.  Fake work is seldom intended or planned, but it occurs regularly.  Fake work is a bi-product of not understanding the critical work that must be done.

Executives, and all their team members, learn the essential elements of true work alignment.  Work alignment is a people issue, not a leadership issue.  We mean that leaders can set up the process for alignment, but they cannot align people.  The members of the team must work together to align themselves to the organizational strategies.

Each member of the executive team understands the building blocks for leadership.  Leadership is mostly about helping people succeed.  We spend too much time on the qualities of leadership and too little time on the concepts of Work.  Leadership should be about helping people work—work together—to execute on strategic organizational goals and to gain the fruits of accomplishment and satisfaction


Leaders of SSA – volunteers and management team


Aug 26 2024: 9 AM – 5 PM


Funding is subject to eligibility.



Enrico is a Managing Consultant with Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd.

Enrico’s key competencies are in performance management, human capital development, communication and interpersonal skills, coaching, customer service, change management, creative thinking skills, values in action, leadership, sales, building teams and supervisory skills.

He has extensive cross-border experience, having trained in 20 countries including China, Hong Kong, S.E. Asia, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Kazakstan, Singapore and other parts of Asia since 1993. He is able to operate with ease and fluidity across different cultures in the region.

Enrico graduated with a Master in Education (Leadership & Management) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from University of Southern Queensland. He also has a Diploma in Training and Management Development from Singapore Institute of Management, and is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP with the Southern Lands NLP, Australia, a Licensed E. O. M. Trainer and Modeler-To- Mentoring. He is one of a handful of professionals in Singapore to be certified in the Values Grid and Value Creation. He is also certified in the use of the Extended DISC® by Extended DISC North America.